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Residential Real Estate Investments

Mobile Loan Signing Notary Services

Whether you have a property or house that you need to sell, or need signatures handled for your real estate, legal or personal transactions, MGW Properties & Services, LLC can help.


Notary Service for Legal Agreements & Documents

Notary publics are state-appointed officials who are authorized to serve as witnesses to legal documents and agreements. Notary publics can also a​dminister oaths and affirmations, witness signatures, certify copies of legal ​documents like birth certificate, and more.

Notary Service for Real Estate Transactions & Loan Signing Services

A loan signing agent can help ensure that clients sign where required and can verify identity checks. Agents make sure that loan, escrow and title documents are executed properly prior to processing.

Purchase Residential Property

We're currently buying houses in your market. We buy houses for cash and, once the offer is accepted, we can close quickly, as we do not have to wait for a bank to provide financing.